Research Theme

Urban Landscape Design

With a view to creating public spaces where people can have a rich, comfortable and enjoyable experience, we conduct research and practice from both hardware and software perspectives, from urban observation, analysis and communication to design proposals and policies.

  • Urban Landscape Design Policy
  • Urban Landscape Design
  • Function and Prosperity of Public Spaces

Public Procurement System

To design high-quality public facilities, such as beautiful bridges or comfortable parks, it is necessary to adopt appropriate public procurement method that can make the design a reality. We conduct research and make proposals on public procurement systems that enhance urban charm and culture.

  • Methodology of Public Procurement System
  • Diffusion of Design Competition System and Improvement of Proposal System
  • Evaluation of Psychological and Semantic Value of Public Spaces and Structures

City Planning

Modern cities are faced with a variety of challenges, including population decline and aging, extreme concentration in large cities, and enhancement of urban resilience. Embodying the philosophy of SDGs, we conduct research and practice with the aim of making livable cities where everyone can live humanly.

  • City Planning in the Era of Depopulation
  • Analysis and Evaluation of Compact City
  • Revitalization of Downtown Area and Urban Restructuring

Bridge Design

Considering designs of public structures such as bridges from the viewpoint of functions, mechanism, materials, environment, construction, maintenance and cost in total, we conceive methodology and practice to achieve better urban landscape holistically.

  • Improvement of Basic Methodology of Preliminary Design for Bridges
  • Structural Design and Bridge Planning
  • Aluminum Bridge