Courses conducted by Professor Kubota or Akui:

1st year

  • Basic Theories of Infrastructure and City Planning
  • Perspective of Sustainable Design Studies
  • Introduction of Engineering / Civil Engineering and Architecture

2nd year

  • Urban and Regional Revitalization
  • Structural Engineering II
  • Design and Drafting I
  • Surveying and Field Practice
  • Urban Landscape Design

3rd year

  • History of Infrastructure and City Planning
  • Design of Infrastructures
  • Design and Drafting II
  • Cross-Faculty PBL of Design Thinking
  • Invitation to Global Engineering

4th Year

  • Graduation Thesis

Non-Mandatory Projects

These projects are a form of unique extracurricular activity offered by the Department of Civil Design and Engineering. Students from their first year in university are able to participate. Many students participate voluntarily. Since not only first year students but also students from second year or above join the projects, students from different academic years can get to know each other.


  • Uozu Central Street Project
  • Let’s challenge design competitions!


  • Uozu Central Street Project
  • Toyama Castle Park Project
  • TOYAMANIACS -field survey project of history and culture of Toyama-
  • Let’s Design Future Structures and Materials!
  • Illumination Project at the Downtown Area


  • Illumination Project at the Downtown Area
  • Solutions to Issues of Shopping Street Revitalization
  • Connecting Local Attractions by Sign Arts